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Who We Are.

Founded in 2003, Apikol is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered performance enhancing automotive parts. Our products are designed for “do-it-yourself” consumers who advance and customize their own vehicles, as well as the “do-it-for-me” market, which includes full-service shops that provide a complete spectrum of maintenance and performance services. Apikol offers a product line consisting of only the best quality components at competitive prices.

What We Do.

We create high-performance engineering solutions.

Utilizing computer drafting, flow analysis, structural models and rapid prototyping techniques, our products offer the most advanced solutions on the market today. We thoroughly engineer and test our products with consumer safety and satisfaction in mind. This process results in an offering of products that perform seamlessly and involve straightforward installation methods.

We market to consumers through the Internet, by phone and through automotive aftermarket retail outlets. Feel free to send your product ideas or suggestions to: